How I use Personal Kanban to stay in control of my work and get stuff done (part 2)

Welcome to the second post in my series on how I use Personal Kanban. In the first post, I explained how I started using this approach. In this post, I will describe what works for me and what I've learned since I started using it. My Personal Kanban setup I use these tools: Omnifocus: for capturing and organising work LeanKit: for visualising my work in progress my own app: to synchronise wor...

Posted: 29 Sep 2015

Why am I not writing?

It's a good question. Clearly, I am writing now but this isn't what I should be writing, oh no. What I should be writing is what I'm calling The Book. I should also play the guitar more but that's for another discussion in another time in another place. Let's rephrase the original question to see if that helps: writing, why am I not? Ah, that's much clearer. I think I know the answer. Let's tu...

Posted: 18 Aug 2015

Updated Alfred workflow to search Omnifocus

I've uploaded a new version of the Search Omnifocus workflow to GitHub. It now supports: searching/listing contexts searching nested tasks properly shows No items when a search query has 0 results It's fast and I'm starting to use it more as my main route into Omnifocus. Direct download.

Posted: 17 Aug 2015

How I use Personal Kanban to stay in control of my work and get stuff done (part 1)

I started using Personal Kanban in 2012 to help me gain control of my work. I felt busy but had little sense of making real progress. Using GTD to organise my 'stuff' helped but finishing work was a challenge because I had too much on the go at once. I read the Personal Kanban book and became an instant convert. I wanted to find out more but struggled to find many examples of real-world usage. ...

Posted: 27 Jul 2015

Searching Omnifocus direct from Alfred

I spend too much time searching for stuff in Omnifocus. Whilst I can use ⌘-O to search for projects and folders within Omnifocus itself, searching for tasks is not so easy. I can't quickly search using the search field because OmniFocus restricts the results to the current perspective or selection. As a workaround, I've written a workflow that allows you to search for tasks and projects direct...

Posted: 29 May 2015