Who he?

Alright? I'm Rhyd, a consultant & musician based in Whitstable in the UK.

I’m a passionate guitarist, musician and consultant. Music has always been a driving force in my life, whether it’s playing guitar & composing as myself or dabbling with synths and movie dialogue as my alter-ego, entMOOT. When I’m not trying to remember the notes of Gadd9 chord, I might be out for a slow run.

I’m fascinated by what makes people tick so I’ve been hosting the podcast Rethinking Work & Life. Although currently on a slight hiatus, the show has been a platform for me to delve into the thinking and experiences of some brilliant individuals. I also maintain the moderately popular productivity Alfred.app workflow, “Search OmniFocus” which helps people quickly find and quickly access their OmniFocus information.


Rhyd Lewis
Music by Rhyd Lewis

Cover & original songs recorded by me

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Music by entMOOT

Original songs comprising the unlikely combination of synths, guitars, drums and movie dialogue

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Rhyd Lewis
Rethinking Work & Life Podcast

The podcast that uncovers the defining moments that make people rethink their work & life.

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With over 20 years of experience in software engineering and product management, I help organizations rethink how they deliver value to their customers. I’m a passionate and experienced leader. I’ve helped organisations and teams around the world create amazing products by providing expertise and guidance as a consultant, product manager and engineer. I apply lean, agile, and systems thinking principles to solve complex problems. I’m pragmatic, down-to-earth and focus on communication, clarity on ‘why’ and ensuring everyone feels valued and enjoys working together.

Companies I’ve Helped

Equal Experts 11:FS Foundry HMRC Barclays
FlexTrade Home Office MergerMarket Telefonica
Companies helped by Rhyd