Why Alfred’s workflow feature is a must have for me

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Alfred's workflow feature continues to impress me with its usefulness. Current favourites include

I'm making plenty of use of my own workflows too. These include:

  • quick searching Jira and Confluence.
  • opening my 4 Gmail accounts at once (1 personal, 3 for work...).
  • searching the UK rail train timetables.

I realised earlier this week that one of my oft-repeated tasks is to copy some unsorted text and paste it sorted elsewhere. Rather than faff about copying, pasting into Sublime Text, sorting, copying again, then pasting, I've written a workflow to handle this:

  1. copy unsorted text
  2. open Alfred and use the scb keyword to sort the text via bash:</p>

    pbpaste | sort | pbcopy</li>

  3. paste into intended destination
  4. </ol> Download this workflow.

    It's exactly this kind of - seeminly trivial - trick that makes Alfred such an indespensible app. Great stuff.