I'm wasting my time. I read, listen and watch waaaaay too much 'stuff' instead of doing what I really enjoy. My list of subscribed blogs increased from 3 to 14 without me noticing. I had 9 podcasts downloading on a weekly basis but I rarely listened to all of them. I frequently check news sites for updates EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT'S FUTILE. I look at Twitter less than I used to but still more than I'd like.

So, time to change: Chief of the boat, make your depth 'create more', 30 degree down bubble.

I created (chalk it up) a mind map that shows what I consume and what I should create. Using this, I'm going to apply limits to each 'thing' I consume, for example, I'll watch 3 TV shows but no more than this. These limits should help me focus on what's 'right' i.e. the stuff in my create list:

My current limits are: