I'm preparing my photo library ready for the release of Photos for Mac or some, as yet unnamed, replacement for the alarmingly slow iPhoto. Hat tip to Gabe Macdrifter for this excellent article on how to use Hazel to sort files by year and month.

Exporting photos as originals works because iPhoto preserves date, location etc. but it doesn't do this for movies. Annoying.

After deleting ~1000 videos with a created date of today, I used this command from my Time Machine backup of my iPhoto Library:

`sudo find -E . -regex '.*\.(MOV|MPG|MP4|3gp|3GP|avi|mp4|mov|mpg)' -print0 | rsync -avt --files-from=- --from0 ./ /Users/myuser/Downloads/movies`

This command:

Hazel can now process these files and move them into the same structure as the my photos.