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Annotating screenshots via Alfred

15 January 2015 — less than 1 minute read

A quick tip on how to quickly annotate a recently taken screenshot using an Alfred workflow.

New MacBook Pro? Why, thank you sir…

14 August 2014 — 2 minute read

I picked up my new MacBook Pro yesterday. It's the 15-inch, 2.5GHz with Retina display with the storage bumped up to 1TB. It is nice and shiny.

OmniFocus itch scratched

14 July 2014 — 1 minute read

Finally, FINALLY, after 18 months of the worst kind of procrastination, I am synchronising my Personal Kanban board with OmniFocus. Cue polite golf clap.

Results from a Kanban learning game

02 June 2014 — 1 minute read

I work with 6 experienced teams helping a UK government department build their new website. Some of the teams are moving moving from using Scrum to using Kan...