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Goodbye Evernote, Hello nvAlt

27 January 2014 — less than 1 minute read

So, I've decided to wave a less-than-fond farewell to Evernote. I've been a paid subscriber since 2011 but I no longer use it as much as I did. The software ...

The Builder’s High

16 January 2014 — less than 1 minute read

This post from Rands is an uplifting read on a cold and dark commute into work.

Fear of the blank page

08 February 2013 — 1 minute read

I'm pretty confident that I know what I should - and shouldn't - be doing at a given time. I keep my OmniFocus setup clean, carry out daily reviews (some goo...

I can’t or I won’t?

07 January 2013 — less than 1 minute read

Back to Work’s intro to GTD series has been a good recap on the GTD methodology. With only 1 episode remaining (#99), one of the discussions poi nts from the...