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Exporting OmniFocus as an OPML file

03 September 2012 — 1 minute read

I joined a OmniFocus/productivity Glassboard group last week. Michael Schechter's request for help (and subsequent blog post) on how to export data from Omni...

Goodbye LiveDrive, Hello BackBlaze

31 August 2012 — 1 minute read

I cancelled my LiveDrive account today (well, tried to). In theory, they talk a good talk (unlimited storage, excellent customer support) but, in practice, t...

Keeping your calendar relevant

30 August 2012 — less than 1 minute read

Very useful advice from Merlin in this week's episode of Back to Work on making sure that your calendar contains stuff that has to occur on that date/time. W...


24 August 2012 — less than 1 minute read

Hmmm, an app that allows you to hide/organise your Mac menu bar icons? I'll take one copy please and thank you Bartender.