Exporting OmniFocus as an OPML file

1 minute read

I joined a OmniFocus/productivity Glassboard group last week. Michael Schechter's request for help (and subsequent blog post) on how to export data from OmniFocus into an OPML file caught my eye.

I've been working on a tool (written in Ruby) that will allow me to visualise by OmniFocus projects and tasks on a Personal Kanban board. I've not had much chance to look at it over the past couple of weeks so I was keen to see if I could answer Michael's query to help me move forward with my overall project goal.

I think OPMLExport answers 2 of his 3 questions:

  • How to get around the need for OmniOutliner Pro
  • How to eliminate dropped projects and completed projects without the user having to manually archive first

This is a Ruby tool that parses OmniFocus and spits out OPML data ready for import into iThoughts.

A couple of caveats:

  1. my last proper developer job was in 2004 so I am, shall we say, a little rusty. There will be (ahem) some strangeness in the code.
  2. this is very much an initial version so I can't offer any guarantees that it won't affect your OmniFocus data. The tool should only read the data to generate the OPML file.

Feedback very welcome.