Valuable thinking time

1 minute read

I like thinking. So much so it seems that after writing this introductory, 3-word sentence I stopped to think about whether I want to start this post in this fashion. Good news is, I do. Hooray. Where was I? Ah, yes. Thinking.


So, it's patently clear that everyone requires some level of thought in their day to day lives, I've setup a "Thinking" OmniFocus context for stuff that requires further thought or analysis.

The problem, however, is that thinking is hard work. I regularly review this list but the outcome is always the same: I shake my head (figuratively) and decide that there's clearly something more important I could be doing.

Yesterday, I realised what the impasse is: I need a suitable environment to, y'know, think. Sitting at my desk or on the train into London staring at my Mac is not going to get the cogs whirling. So, the solution I'm trying is this:

  • write each action from my Thinking context onto an index card
  • put these in my pocket (right pocket, always the right)
  • go for a non-distracted 20 min walk (no listening to music or podcasts - this bit's important)
  • look at the first card whilst walking (watch out for lamp posts)
  • think it through
  • repeat with the next card

I've had an annoying, seemingly trivial admin task stuck in Thinking for the past 3 weeks which I couldn't make any headway on. A walk out of the office and, lo and behold, I solved the problem in 2 mins.

I'm looking forward to today's walk.