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The Busy Trap

14 November 2012 — less than 1 minute read

Tim Kreider’s “The Busy Trap” is one of the best pieces of commentary I’ve read this year. My favourite quote:

Making the switch to an SSD

13 November 2012 — 3 minute read

My early 2011 15" MacBook Pro has been somewhat sluggish of late. Apps such as iTunes, Mail and Office take 10+ seconds to open and the whole system feels a ...

Exporting OmniFocus data using OmniVisualiser

05 October 2012 — less than 1 minute read

I pushed an update to the OmniVisualiser project yesterday (see this post for details). You can export OmniFocus data as OPML (as before) or as a JSON string...

Valuable thinking time

27 September 2012 — 1 minute read

I like thinking. So much so it seems that after writing this introductory, 3-word sentence I stopped to think about whether I want to start this post in this...